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Cold Pressed Neem Oil, 200ml

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Neem is India's miracle plant grown almost in every Indian home for it's healing properties. From the leaves to the bark every part of the plant has some medicinal value. This bottle of cold pressed oil is extracted from the neem seeds by crushing them. 

Because of it's very strong anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, neem oil was used as a hair oil in India to prevent dandruff and many other fungal infections of the scalp. This oil is also used as a skin cream for psoriasis, Eczema etc. With it's strong odour this oil is also a very effective natural mosquito repellent. 

One more major use of neem oil is that it can be used as a natural and organic pesticide for your home garden. 

We are happy to make this very natural organic neem oil available to our customer. 

P.S. Neem oil is only for external application.

Nett Vol: 200ml

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